Book Review: Theological Fitness

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It’s the end of summer and for many that means new routines and schedules. For me, it means it’s time to take into account one too many scoops of ice cream and the junk food I enjoyed while sitting on the beach. Next week, a group of friends are starting an exercise and nutrition plan. We know that together, […]

Shower for an Unknown Baby


This past weekend, some women from our church threw a baby shower. There was food, fellowship, and gifts. And, of course there was a bag of ice.  It’s summer in the South, so ice is of the utmost importance, right? Yet, this bag of ice did more than just cool our drinks. It refreshed our […]

Beholding the King: Elisabeth Elliot


Yesterday morning brought the news of Elisabeth Elliot’s homecoming. As I read the report, tears filled my eyes, both from sadness and thanksgiving. I feel as though a mentor has slipped away, and yet, I rejoice that her rest has come. My first introduction to Elliot’s writing came in high school when a friend passed along […]

BECOMING Magazine: Interview with Editor Shannon Basso

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This past fall, Shannon Basso and I chatted via email and the phone about her upcoming project, BECOMING magazine. Her passion for encouraging women in the Lord is contagious and I welcomed the opportunity to get to be a part of the inaugural issue. BECOMING launches this week, so I asked Shannon if she’d do an interview […]

Summer Reading Ideas

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Our Women’s Care Team is one of the greatest joys of getting to work at my church. Last fall, in preparation for our women’s retreat, they gave me a list of some of their favorite books, along with the reasons they enjoyed them. I thought their picks might provide a helpful list for summer reading. […]