Wit’s End: On the Move

moving day

I’m excited to let you know that today Wit’s End is moving locations to The Gospel Coalition (TGC).  While melissabkruger.com will still exist as a website, I’ll be blogging regularly at my new location. Thankfully, this move comes free of packaging tape and boxes. For those of you who are new to Wit’s End, welcome. I’m glad you’re […]

Book Review: Theological Fitness

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It’s the end of summer and for many that means new routines and schedules. For me, it means it’s time to take into account one too many scoops of ice cream and the junk food I enjoyed while sitting on the beach. Next week, a group of friends are starting an exercise and nutrition plan. We know that together, […]

Shower for an Unknown Baby


This past weekend, some women from our church threw a baby shower. There was food, fellowship, and gifts. And, of course there was a bag of ice.  It’s summer in the South, so ice is of the utmost importance, right? Yet, this bag of ice did more than just cool our drinks. It refreshed our […]

How Do I Know God’s Will for My Life?

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The summer after my senior year of college, I remember sitting in a parking lot and staring out the window, lost in thought. I had two job offers in two different cities and I had no idea which one God wanted me to take. Everything seemed hazy and unclear. It’s like that for most of us […]

A Modern Lament: Witness

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Some days I am left staring at my computer in shocked silence. Yesterday, I watched a video in which a doctor nonchalantly talked of selling aborted body parts.  Her matter of fact demeanor was confident and without shame. While enjoying dinner, she casually discussed ways of harvesting organs by turning babies in certain ways to better […]