Four R’s of Proactive Parenting

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Trips to the grocery store with young children can feel a bit like a series of battles in a never-ending war. From safely buckling everyone in the car to crossing the street, just getting into the store can feel like a minor victory. The momentary relief felt upon arrival is quickly subdued as the next […]

The Difference Between a Reward and a Bribe


I can picture the scene in my mind like it was yesterday. Chubby legs kicking, back stiffened straight, child wailing, “NO mommy. NO get into the cart.” Exasperated, I wondered if this trip to the grocery store was in vain. However, I needed to get food for dinner that night and this was my only […]

Parenting with a Double Standard

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Years ago I attended a parenting class focused on encouraging obedience in our homes. The following general expectations were highlighted: Obedience should be immediate. Obedience should be complete. Obedience should be with a joyful attitude. I sat in the classroom staring at the board in contemplative silence. Truthfully, I wasn’t thinking about my children’s obedience. […]

Raise Them in His Image, Not Yours

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What’s your most paradigm-shifting moment as a parent? In a new roundtable video, Jen Wilkin sits down with fellow moms Melissa Kruger and Kristie Anyabwile to discuss key lessons they’ve each learned over the years. Read more at: TGC Share