7 Ways to Combat Competition in Motherhood


Inevitably, as soon as children come into our lives, the comparison game begins. In the early days discussions regarding sleeping, eating, and diaper habits consume our conversations. Soon afterwards, we progress to comparing and contrasting the brilliance of our child’s language skills, walking dexterity, or artistic abilities. These conversations can slowly turn from simple observations […]

Loneliness, Friendship, and the Goodness of God


I like to hear the story behind stories. Since today is the release day of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood, I thought I’d share the story behind how it came to be written. I’m including lots of pictures, because I like those too. Consider this a picture book post. Fifteen years ago, I was […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter One


Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood releases one week from today on March 17!    For a sneak peek of Chapter One, click here:  WWGSMotherhood_sneakpeek “In this interactive study Melissa Kruger takes moms, with all our insecurities and inconsistencies and uncertainties, to Scripture, where we find wisdom, encouragement, instruction, correction, and, best of […]

Raise Them in His Image, Not Yours

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What’s your most paradigm-shifting moment as a parent? In a new roundtable video, Jen Wilkin sits down with fellow moms Melissa Kruger and Kristie Anyabwile to discuss key lessons they’ve each learned over the years. Read more at: TGC Share

Evangelism and Motherhood: 10 Lessons

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In the midst of bottles, diapers, and sleepless nights it’s easy to understand why motherhood is a season when we’re apt to miss the harvest that surrounds us. Often we’re like the workers Jesus spoke about in John 4:35, believing the harvest is months away when, in reality, the fields are ripe before us.  Throughout this […]