A Modern Lament: Witness

Some days I am left staring at my computer in shocked silence. Yesterday, I watched a video in which a doctor nonchalantly talked of selling aborted body parts.  Her matter of fact demeanor was confident and without shame. While enjoying dinner, she casually discussed ways of harvesting organs by turning babies in certain ways to better be able to provide whole organs for her buyers. She continued to speak words on the video that my mind could not comprehend.

All throughout the day, my thoughts simmered and bubbled up into a lament.

window copy


Calloused hearts cut so deep.
Taking life while mommy sleeps.

A choice she makes, so you say
Conscience subdued, led astray.

But your eyes see the heart that beats
The toes that curl, the cry that weeps.

 You move forward taking the knife
Ending hope, ending life.

Witness to death, you wear white
Masquerading as an agent of light.

Should we not feel grievous alarm
At you who swore to do no harm?

Called to protect, taught to heal
Using your learning only to steal.

Blood pours out as life you take
Leaving sorrow in your wake.

Falsely believing that no one sees
But another Witness always grieves.

From His presence no one can roam
He hears every sigh, every moan

All will one day be brought to light
Things now hidden brought to sight

Turn to Him, away from scorn,
Find a refuge, a place to mourn.

A heart that beats, but made of stone
He can make flesh, He can bring home.

Witness of grace, absolved of shame
Call upon Him, find life in His Name.


 May we weep, fast, and pray.  May we lament.


A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be comforted, because they are no more.” Matthew 2:18




  1. Karen Arnold says

    Not much to say. You said it. A lament is what was needed. I just add I’m reading your “envy” book and struggle with my covetous heart. We study your mommy book at church and my prayers increase especially to become more joyful in Christ.

  2. Linda says

    What a great poem that reminds us what we think we do in the dark will never be known. But in our own heart, it never leaves us….it is a “burden rock” that grows daily within us and the weight grows heavy.
    “Witness of Grace, absolved by shame – Call upon Him and find life in His Name”